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        The spacious interior and it's breathtaking view,               make RiverView Villa an ideal venue for your                    private wedding ceremony and reception.  

                         Set in the center of Ubud, 

              in the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali. 



Congratulations on your engagement!


    Exchange your special vows at RiverView Villa, 

  from stylish, intimate celebrations to Ultimate Party!


            Gorgeously perched above the edge of                                      the Petanu River.


               Choose the style to suit the mood 

                      from a bountiful buffet


                intimate candlelight celebrations.. 


      .....create special and memorable moments.



Celebrating the beginnings of a shared destiny...


   We understand the need for preparation and            planning when it comes to your wedding, and we  promise that all you need to do on your special day is  enjoy it!

      Our  team will work with you to ensure

            your wedding day is beautiful.



              Contact us for more details...

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